Week 9, Due April 6th

Week 9, Due April 6th



The article about Tom Dixon is very interesting, inspiring and left me with something to think about. He has a lot of creative ideas and developments. His projects are focused on different functions of different project, sort of make them work in a way that one wouldn’t think it can be used. After reading this and after writing my paper about rising sea level in Miami I am thinking of not just created this box/organizer to contain and keep things but to connect it with more global issue. Now I want to connect my project with something more global and think outside of the box to create more helpful and useful object from cardboard paper and wood.




My object would be possible to put back together with simple materials like screws and glue, after no matter how long time it would be still possible to put together. Containers can be replace if too damaged and can be cleaned easily.



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