Final Project: Long Life Design

Final Project: Long Life Design

* Design Brief





STUDENT NAME: Eva Smorodina

PROJECT NAME: Shoe protectors


WHY did you make this project?  What is its core function and concept?


I decided to create this particular project based on my inspiration during trip in Miami. I did a research on sea levels and global warming and Florida experiencing a lot of issues right now, so I decided to create show protectors in case of floor made from my old raincoat.



What event(s) of environmental change will it help YOU adapt to or navigate?


Global warming and sea level rising.



In what ways will this object be useful and meaningful to YOU over 50 years?

How does it offer aesthetics and function over time?


Global Warming is progressing right no so flood situation might get worse event though we trying to be aware and stop the progress. Therefore, no matter what in 50 years I can use my protectors in case I ever need it.



What materials did you choose to use and why?


I am using my old rain coat made of Ethylene vinyl acetate or it’s called EVA, its eco-friendly material, tear resistant and does not release smell or smoke when you burn it.


EVA provides cushion, spring (rebound), and is resistant to hardening and cracking. It also resists UV radiation, doesn’t absorb water, and stays flexible in the cold, all of which make it very useful for outdoor footwear. Soft and flexible, EVA is technically a foam instead of a rubber, as it is formed by expanding plastic and trapping pockets of gas (air) in various densities.



* Systems Map: Graphic or 3D model/map that illustrates the systems that your design involves — how its materials have been sourced, transported, created and what systems they involve over 50 years. Which systems might be vulnerable due to climate change? (include at least 20 systems)






* Resiliency and Repair Story


My design for shoe water protectors are very simple I created them out of my old raincoat. The material is stretchable and has bottom as well as top protection but it might break in long wear or in a contact with something heavy or sharp. To repair the shoes, I would have to sew them together or attach any other fabric to cover the break.
As this was my first time sewing and working with fabric experience I had a problem with creating the shoes that I had create extra layer to make sure its stable enough and to cover fails of sewing to make the object strongr.

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