Reconstructing Times Square


Here are a few pieces from the Museum of Modern Art that use space. I noticed how the artists used changes in color and shading to indicate changes in space/distance and applied that technique to my own work. For example, The False Mirror (first image) by René Magritte shows that the eye is round and not flat by shading strategic areas.

Times Square Photos:

Here are a few photos I took in Times Square. I focused my photography on the structures made my man to “trap” and influence man. I found it fascinating that thousands of people are captivated by such simply designed buildings, advertisements… and wanted to capture the source of their interest without capturing them, in order to leave my audience the opportunity to create their own judgement on this “entertainment”. It was when I looked back at my photographs, away from the noisy and crowded ambiance of Times Square that I realized how uninterested I am in such an area. The buildings are dull and the advertisements are far from clever yet crowds of people follow other crowds of people to visit the square. In my experience, the excitement of being there comes from the feeling of being submissive to the corporate power illustrated in Times Square. Some enjoy watching power from below and some enjoy watching it from above.

Perspective Analysis:

Here is some perspective analysis I did of the images I took in Times Square. I noticed that most of the images have one point perspective.


I began by drawing an idea sketch of my image. I liked the idea of combining two places that oppose each other through different aspects: Times Square, a man made populated area, and Joshua Tree desert, a place left natural.

Line Drawing:

Here is a scan of the line drawing I did as a first step to my reconstruction of Times Square.

Illustrator File:

Here is the Illustrator File I created after having worked with the scan of my line drawing.

Final Image:

For the final step of this project, I transferred my Illustrator file into Photoshop and worked on it there in order to retouch certain areas and add texture through photographic elements.


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