Lamora Williams Case: Real Story [August 2022]

Who Was Lamora Williams?

Lamora Williams was a 24-year-old single mother of four children in 2017. She is accused of putting her two youngest children in an oven and turning it on sometime between midnight on October 12th and 11 p.m. on October 13th.

Lamora Williams Georgia Story – Lamora Williams Kids Autopsy

Lamora Williams, a resident of Atlanta, came into the limelight in October 2017. The reason why she became the topic of discussion? She brutally murdered her kids.

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Williams’ family claims that she has always been unstable, which was exacerbated by the children’s father abandoning them and maybe postpartum depression.

Tabitha Hollingsworth, Williams’ sister, said her sister’s behavioral and emotional issues began when she was young, and she remembers Williams attempted suicide.

Lamora Williams’ mother, Brenda Williams, stated her daughter was a slow learner who had to be pulled out of public school and homeschooled.

She had her first kid, a daughter, when she was 18 years old. Williams received assistance from her daughter’s father’s relatives.

After this romance ended, she had a long-term relationship with Jameel Penn Sr., with whom she had three children.

Jameel Penn Sr. left Williams and her children in 2017, when she was 24, but continued to help her with the children and finances.

Williams’ close friend Neesa Smith received a call from Williams on the evening of October 13th, in which Williams appeared to be in distress. When Smith inquired as to what was wrong, Williams merely responded that she could no longer do it.

She went on to tell Smith that her two youngest children, Ja’Karter, who was one year old, and Ke-Yaunte, who was two years old, were both dead.

Williams was pushed by Smith to contact the cops. Instead of alerting the cops, Williams called the children’s father, Jameel Penn, in the next video.

Williams rotated her camera around the apartment during the call, and Penn noticed his sons on the floor. He then immediately dialed 911.

Williams also contacted the cops around 11:30 p.m. Williams said in the 911 call that she left Lamora Children with her cousin (later changed it to sister) and returned home to find her children dead.

She said that one child was caught beneath a “pulled over” oven, that both children were burned, and that “brains were on the floor.”

Williams expressed concern about going to jail during the same 911 call, and begged the dispatcher to reassure her about the potential of going to jail.

Prosecutors suspect Williams intentionally burned her two youngest children to hide how she killed them. Williams has pled not guilty to the accusations leveled against him.

Williams’ sister voiced alarm in the aftermath, stating that Williams should be placed on suicide watch in the jail. Williams’ mother holds her daughter responsible for her conduct while still acknowledging that she had issues.

She has indicated that she may need to seek help after losing her “two youngest grandkids due to her daughter’s conduct” and that it has been quite tough for her.

On October 13 2017, this horrific incident took place. Mother killed her two kids, which she had with Jameel Penn, the kids’ father. Emergency services told us that they found Ke’Yaunte Penn and Ja’Karter Williams with their heads inside an oven. It was unreal to hear this news.

Pathologists couldn’t tell whether the kids had been killed before or they were killed being placed in the oven. However, the autopsy report cleared the reason for the kid’s death. It was shocking how a mother could do such a thing with her kids.

According to the neighbours, Lamora’s apartment smelled like death. It indicates that the kid’s body may have been there for a few days.

Before calling 911, Lamora called her close friend Neesa Smith. Lamora explained to Smith what she had done with her sons; now, her two youngest children were dead. Her friend Neesa advised her to call the police and wanted her to confess.

Lamora continuously told the 911 dispatcher that she didn’t know who killed her kids and didn’t want to go to Jail. She also mentioned that when she came back home from work, her kids were dead.

She was blaming her cousin because she left her kids with her cousin. Now her cousin is not here, and only my oldest son is alive.

First, she blamed her cousin for the murder, but after that, she started saying that her sister was babysitting her kids. Her sister is a murderer. All these statements she was giving were confusing, and last, it was found that she was the only culprit for her kid’s death. Finally, when she gave her location to the 911 dispatcher, she said I saw my kids dead in the oven.

Why Lamora Williams Killed her Two Sons

Brenda Williams, the mother of Lamora Williams, was well known for her daughter’s mental state. Lamora Williams had a mental illness which made her slow. She even mentioned that her daughter was not doing well in school, so she had to pull her out of school and give her homeschooling.

Lamora gave birth to a baby girl when she was 18 years old. The daughter’s father’s family helped to take care of the baby girl. After that, Lamora started dating Jameel Penn. Then she had three children with Jameel Penn. Everything was going good, but Jameel ended the relationship in 2017. But according to the sources, Jameel Penn and his family financially supported her to raise the kids.

Brenda was aware that something disastrous was going to happen. After the children’s father left Lamora, Brenda tried to gain custody, but she failed to do so. She even reported to the Division of Family and Children’s services about Lamora’s mental health; she can’t take care of the children.

Tabitha Hollingworth, Lamora’s sister, was also aware of her condition; therefore, she backed up her mother’s concerns about children. Tabitha said that she had seen her sister leaving the kids home alone. She also mentioned that one day her sister (Lamora) attempted to cut her wrists.

Did Lamora Williams go to Jail after brutally murdering her sons?

Lamora Williams go to Jail after brutally murdering her sons

Lamora Williams was charged with murder in 2018. The judge of this case asked her family what they thought if she was the murderer or not. Her family was sure that she was the culprit.

Lamora was charged with murder, making a false statement to the 911 dispatcher, aggravated assault, and concealing a death. She was also accused of cruelty to her 3-year-old son, Jameel. Her three-year-old son was at the house when his brothers died.

The pathologist stated that the boys had no broken bones or any indication of blunt force trauma. The boys were not burned, but the electric oven damaged their bodies. Officers suspected that to conceal the method of murder, Lamora used the electric range.

It’s still unclear whether Williams was found guilty or not. There’s no additional update on this case, and her name doesn’t appear in the Georgia Dept. of Corrections inmate search.

According to her mental condition, I don’t think the court found her competent to stand trial. If my assumptions were correct, Lamora Williams would have been admitted to a psychiatric facility or hospital to treat her mental condition.

For the boy’s burials, local funeral homes came forward for help. Jameel Penn, the father of the kids, created a GoFundMe page to raise money for the rest of the kids. Now he only has to take care of the kids.

Because of Lamora’s mental condition, his brother will not be able to see his brother’s face again.

4 Facts you need to know about Williams Killing her Sons

1. The Deaths Were Discovered When Lamora Video Called the Children’s Father

This horrific incident was discovered when Lamora Williams video called the kids’ father. She video chatted with him to show him the kids were dead.

Penn, the father of the kids, was shocked to see his sons on the floor. After seeing his kids, he called the police for help.

2. Brenda was well aware of her daughter’s mental health.

Brenda Williams was well aware of her daughter’s mental condition. She used to call her a sick person. After her father’s death, Lamora was broken because she was close to her father.

Brenda also provided information that her daughter used to break dolls’ heads off. She also attempted to cut her wrists several times.

3. Lamora Intentionally Murdered her kids.

According to the investigation, Lamora Williams committed the murders between midnight. October 12 and 11 p.m. October 13 in Atlanta. Her intentions were clear to put her kids to death. She allegedly placed her kids’ heads in an oven.

The forensic investigation officers also stated that the kids had burn marks on their bodies.

4. Reportedly, Lamora had called her friend after the murder.

After calling the kids’ father, Lamora called her friend Neesa Smith. Reportedly Lamora explained the situation to her friend and wanted her to explain what she should do.

Her friend suggested to her that she should call the police for help. After listening to her friend Neesa, she called the 911 dispatcher.


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