Snap On Sleeves

The Snap On Sleeves is a pair of sleeves that attach to any short-sleeved shirt or tank top. To use, first pull sleeve over your shirt of choice. Then, slip the magnets through the neck hole of your shirt to attach to each magnet’s pair. This product is great for anyone who is cold or in a place that requires covered arms. It also provides a great alternative when you don’t want to carry a bulky sweater around!

The Snap On Sleeves were inspired by dresses from the 1800’s. What was unique about these dresses is that the wearer could lace a sleeve onto them in the winter, and remove it in the summer. This concept was fascinating to me, so I decided to create something like this that was more accessible.

The design of this sleeve is simple yet effective. In the initial planning stages, I went through many different methods of attaching the sleeves to a different garment. Some were unnecessarily complicated, and others were simply not strong enough. In the end, I decided to use magnets.

Each sleeve of the Snap On Sleeves has six magnets built-in and comes with six magnets to help attach the sleeve to the wearer’s shirt.

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