Brand You Project

Project Directive

Brand yourself.  Design a logo, color palette, type.  Print a business card.  Mock-up other promotion materials.

Project Steps

1.  Define your brand/ product.

You may literally brand yourself- as a designer, photographer, etc.  Or imagine a product or service that you would want to make and promote.  Outline the product identity.  What is the use? Who is the user? What concepts (health, wealth, allure, rebellion, etc) are connected with your product or service?  You may use your name or invent a company or product name.  Use any note taking method you prefer in your sketchbook.

Inspiration:  Check out this article on the Sagmeister and Walsh rebrand for the jewish museum on Dazeen.  Then review other projects by Sagmeister and Walsh.  For more museum branding review this article on the Experimental Jetset rebrand of the Whitney on Dazeen.  And then visit other Experimental Jetset projects.

2.  Research related products.  

Identify three similar brands and/ or products.  Compare and contrast the product use, user and concept.  Also compare and contrast the type, logo, and color story.

3.  Create a color palette.

Be instructed by this week’s reading on color.  Create a limited palette in the same way you did for the poster project.  Present digital swatches or color cut from magazines.

4.  Select a Typeface

Think back to our early work with type.  Create or select a typeface to represent the brand.  Present as digital studies of the name or in the sketchbook with ink.

5.  Create an Icon.

Icons are simple representations of actions, objects or ideas.  Create an icon to represent your brand or product.

Inspiration:  Designspiration collection of Graphic Design Icons

6.  Bring it together- Make a Logo.

Create a logo that uses icon or text.

Inspiration:  Logo Lounge Trends 2018

Student Examples

7.  Design a business card.  3.5 in x 2 in.  

      • Design a business card with a front and a back.  The card should use the branding developed last week.  The card should include at least one link to the business- be this a website address, phone, address or all the above.
      • Experiment with several iterations of the cards.  This is really an arrangement game, as all the elements where developed last week. Experiment with spacing, scaling and alignment.
      • Feel free to add image or pattern details.
      • Print your iterations as you work on draft paper.  You can submit photos of the cut paper drafts, or the digital files.  You may submit the best iteration, or a few possibilities.  


8.  Use your brand identity to develop merchandise.  Use a free Mock Up to present cards, paper, screen images, etc.

Student Examples

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