My Selfie:

In this photo I am pictured sitting presumably at a desk in my dorm room. There is a blue light coming from the right hand side of the photo that cats itself onto the ceiling, The left hand side is mostly white light. I seem to have a pretty emotionless face, with of my shoulders are within the frame. I’m wearing a black tank top and my gold prescription glasses. My chest and face seem to be slightly pink. The lighting on the lefthand side of my face is very bright and saturated and on the righthand side it seems to dim a little.

Caitlin’s Selfie:

Caitlin’s selfie has been heavily edited, there are two blocks blue light that the crop of most of their face, what we can see of their face though is cast in a purple color and it seems to be distorted almost as if there are actually two of them. It also seems that the same pattern from the blue boxes has just been edited to become purple. The symbols in the picture and in the circle are zodiac signs.

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