LER for Class 1: Memory Studio

  1. Something that was new to me is the way that the classes were linked, I didn’t fully realize what it would be like until I got into this class last Friday.
  2. Bullet journaling, when I heard that we were going to have to be making one in class I somewhat dreaded it but when I sat down and started to make it I really fell in love with the concept.
  3. No, I did not do any other searching.
  4. I don’t have any questions about last Friday’s class.
  5. Something that I noticed is the idea that the way we see things is affected by other things that we know or believe. It’s not a new concept to me but that way that he explained it I really enjoyed.
  6. A question that I have from the reading is, is it possible to cause a shift in someones memory/what they know so significant that it affects the way the see and interpret everything?
  7. My Time class is based around the idea of memory and I’ve been drawing a lot of connections between that class and both studio and seminar. I’ve also read some of other essays by John Berger in my drawing and imaging class.

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