A man is pictured sitting in an antique wingback leather chair with rivets lining the seams. He is in full leathers, leather jacket zipped up to the neck, full leather chaps and black leather biker boots. He sits comfortably with his back resting against the chair and his legs spread in front of him, his hands are crossed in his lap. Connecting his wrists are what look like handcuffs which are connected to a longer chain that is around both of his ankles. Around his neck is yet another chain, mimicking a collar, which another man is holding. The other man is seen standing, one arm leaning on the chair the other man sits in, his are legs crossed. He is also in full leathers. His jacket is only zipped up halfway though. He also dons a black hat and a beard. They both look casually at the camera. There is a window behind them, the curtains are half drawn and the top of the window is cut out of the frame. There is a side table beside the standing man with a base made of antlers, it has a glass top. On the table there is a lamp, a clock, a book, and a few magazines. The lamp is turned on and is casting the shadow of the standing man against the wall behind the chair. The chair is on the corner of the room. Next to the chair there is another table with an urn on it. The table is made out of wood and it seems to have a cabinet on the bottom. There is an ornate rug overtop of the hardwood floors. Both men fit inside the frame of the lens.

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