The Senses: Design Beyond Vision – 9/14

  1. This exhibition was very interesting to go and visit. The fact that you could interact with the art made it a truly unique experience, and is something that I have never experienced beforehand. I think the only other time I’ve ever seen something similar are the little kids exhibits in museum where they are meant to be hands on. What I really enjoyed about this exhibit at Cooper Hewitt though was how mature yet playful it was. It engaged (almost) all of my senses.
  2. Dialect for a New Era
  3. One of the first things you notice when you walk into the exhibit are the these 6 pillars that give off a purple glow. When you walk up to the pillars they each have a different line of text that “describe a complex emotional state.” Next you notice the sign in the wall that tell you to push the button on the side of the pillar. When you push the button the lights inside of the pillar begin to flash and you hear a fan whir. Next you smell what the fan is pushing out and you link that scent with the line of text on the pillar.
  4. Please describe how these elements or principles are employed in the piece. – Scent is very heavily used in this piece but the text used also helps to connect the scent to something in your own mind. What relationships do you notice among the elements? – Scent and text are combined to evoke an emotional response. It brought up many different types of memories for me. What connections do you make between the piece you experienced and anything else you are thinking about? – As I said before, the scents brought up many different memories for me. It was an interesting experience to have my brain thinking about those memories in that space. Why do you think the artist created this work? – I think they created this work to do exactly as I have described, the wanted the viewer/user to have a emotional experience triggered by the scents. How can you connect this work with your own life? – It is extremely easy for me to connect this piece with my own life because of the things that it made me think about.
  5. What do you think is going on in this exhibition? – This exhibition is about engaging all of your senses, not just sight. What is it about? – It’s about engaging your other senses so that you have a different interpretation of the art. What ideas was the curator trying to convey in this exhibit? – They were trying to convey that art can engage your senses other than just sight. How are you connecting with this exhibition? – It is very easy to connect with this exhibit because it is hands on and you are able to connect in more ways than one because almost all of your senses are stimulated. Does this exhibit evoke any emotions? – I think that this exhibit does evoke some emotions. I heavily associate memories with scent so the “Dialect for a New Era” piece really made me feel some things.

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