Interview Reflection

The process of interviewing another person is something that I have never encountered before. Having the ability to scroll through J.T. social media was very helpful to me though. It really helped me to come up with questions that would really relate to her so I could get a more complete portrait of her. After coming up with the questions I was certain I would gain a semi-comprehensive profile.

The actual process of interviewing was very interesting as well. I really enjoyed just getting to sit down with her and talk after I got over how initially awkward I felt. I feel like I did learn a lot after interviewing her too. The questions I had prepared and her willingness to talk made it very easy to get a clear picture.

Transcribing the interview was a long process to say the least. I eventually became methodic in how I would do it but in the beginning I was taking obscenely long amounts of time to transcribe several sentences. It was interesting to hear myself talk on tape too. I don’t really like the sound of my own voice so that was something that I had to get over. All in all I found the experience enjoyable.

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