I think that my mom is a hard-worker, she is always trying too make sure that my either and I are taken care of. I believe that she is an over-thinker, she worries too much about the small details and doesn’t really step back to look at the bigger picture. I think that she has a lot of compassion, she tries her best anyways, I always come to her with my problems and she helps me through them.


Tammie is a worker, she can be seen working at all times, it seems to always be on her mind. This can also correlate to her habit of overthinking. She focuses on the small details and will spend much time ironing these details out to try and make other peoples jobs easier along the way. This also comes in hand with her high level of compassion. Whenever someone comes to her with a problem she helps them through it and she seems to do everything in her power to help them.

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