Bridge 1 – IS1

For this project I wanted to accurately represent my memories and the way that they occur to me within my mind while also fitting too the theme of the project. For my postcards themselves I cut out 5×7 pieces to mimic postcards. I then put a border on all of them so that they relate in a another way. Each postcard has one image on it with a nightly colored, murky background. I choose to present them in this way because thats usually the way that my mind recalls a memory. One thing is very much in focus while everything else seems to fade into the background.

I remember going to see Remo Drive with Ashton in a dive bar the day after prom. It was super crowded, and it stank of cheap liquor. When the band finally started to play it got very loud, but we loved it. We were all jumping up and down screaming the lyrics to every song. Sweat dripped all over my body and when woke up the next day I had lost my voice.

I remember seeing New York from the airplane for the first time. I was so excited. The economy plane seat was so uncomfortable, but I didn’t feel the need to complain. When I saw Manhattan out in the distance I instantly felt at home. The skyscrapers were reaching up high and reflecting the sun back into my eyes. A smile grew on my face as I melted back into my seat.

I remember the sewing machine needle going through my finger. I instantly ripped my hand away from the machine. The needle had broken off inside of my finger. It took my breath away.  I didn’t feel it for the first few seconds, but when the pain hit it was intense. I sat on the floor as the blood started to pool in my hands.

I remember my first kiss. His name was Payton. We were 14. He lived across the street from me. It was awkward in the moment because neither of us really knew what we were doing. Afterwards though I felt like I had reached some huge life goal.

I remember the salty taste of the ocean on my last trip to Florida. The smell of the water and the sunscreen filled the hot humid air. My brother and I were wading out into the water and he splashed the cold salt water into my face. The salt dried my lips and the water felt like ice cubes streaming down my chest. It made my hair stand on end.

I remember listening to Fleetwood Mac on Sundays when my mom and I would clean the house. Listening to it on vinyl made it so much better. Stevie’s voice reverberating around the house. The small dances that I would do while dusting off the picture frames. My bare feet were squeaking against the hardwood and the harsh smell of the cleaning supplies invaded my nose.

I remember wearing a black leather corset to my junior prom. As the strings were pulled tighter my breath became shorter and the more straight I was forced to stand up. I also wore a full face of make-up. When I walked into the venue I could feel people’s eyes on me. I was being judged by my peers, but I loved the attention.

I remember raking leaves in the fall. The wood handle of the rake always used to give me blisters. The leaves were so beautiful with their array of colors. Muted reds, dark browns, and vivid yellows. The air was had a cold nip to it. By this point most of my wardrobe was in muted tones like the leaves. I would only wear socks in the yard. By the time I would get back inside my feet would be freezing and the bottoms of my socks had turned green.

I remember eating ravioli from the Come Back Inn. The rich blend of cheeses oozing out of its casing as I bit into it. The heat from the tomato sauce warming my mouth and throat as I swallowed it. I always ate more than I should’ve, and it felt as if I would be bloated for days to come. I would always sleep so well after those meals too.

I remember falling off of a longboard last fall. I was wearing a white fur coat and gray pants. I fell face first with my hands stretched out I front of me. I smacked the ground hard. I felt the gravel break the skin of my hands. I felt my glasses fall off my face and I felt the board run over my leg. I laid on the ground for a minute. My head was spinning and the air had been knocked out of my lungs. When I stood up I noticed that I had ripped my pants.


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