Memoir PPJ – Reflection

How did you choose the memories that you visualized?

– To choose the memories that I visualized I sat down and just let the memories flow through my mind. Anything that I thought would create a good picture I wrote down. I edited them down from there and eventually choose the 10 I wanted to attempt to re-create.

How did you choose the medium you selected for each piece?

– I choose to do all of them in watercolors. I decided to do them this way because I felt that the kind of murkiness of the watercolors really represented how the memories would occur in my mind. I can remember certain details but I can almost never form a full complete picture.

How did you choose how to present the work?

– I choose to present my work flat and laid out on the table. I never flipped any of them over but I wrote the memories for each on the back of them and included a space to put a stamp and an address. I wanted to do it this way so that it felt more personal. Kind of like you were going through someones mail.

How did you choose to connect/or not connect the pieces to each other?

– I feel like all of my pieces were connected because I was consistent in the way they were presented and because they all came from my mind. The actual memories themselves though don’t really have any connection to each other though.

How did you feel (felt sense & emotional narrative) about reading your 20-30 memories out loud?

– I felt like it offered everyone who was listening a chance to know some different quirky things about me. Reading some of them aloud made me a little uncomfortable because some of them were very personal but I liked that it made me vulnerable because everyone else had to be vulnerable too.

How did you feel (felt sense & emotional narrative) about showing your work?

– Showing my work always makes me nervous because I never know how it’s going to be interpreted by others. I was initially very comfortable with showing my work, but after walking around the room and viewing others work I felt that my skill set was below much of the class which made me feel insecure.

How did it feel to have the DAI happen with you present?

– It was interesting and I enjoyed it for the most part. It always makes me nervous to present my work in any facet so that was really the only thing that bothered me.

How did you choose your questions for the audience/ viewers?

– I choose questions that would be light and interactive. I think I avoided questions about what people though about my work because criticism scares me.

What changes would you make to the work if you have to do another iteration?

– If I had to remake this project I would add much more detail to the postcards themselves. But I would’ve kept with the watercolors.

If there was something that you could have shared with your viewers to bring additional context or understanding, what would it be?

– I associate memory very heavily with smell, so if there was some way to find/create scents to go along with my postcards I would have.

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