Bridge 2: Process Documentation

This image is the background for the memory that I’m placing my character in. It’s set in Andy Warhol’s silver factory. My character, G.T., will be standing alone among some of his work and removed from the rest of the crowd. This describes how socially awkward they are. I used several things tho make the background including watercolors, acrylic paint, and a grey marker. I choose the maker because against the texture of the paper it almost makes it look like the concrete floors that were in the factory. I used watercolors only in the window to show the blue of the sky and I used acrylics over the maker to make the walls look shiny.

I think that my portrait represents my character because of the physical likeness first of all and the fact that they’re in this space alone just noticing things. That’s very on brand for my character. G.T. notices just about everything even within their own mind. The yellow text boxes are a testament to this. They’re supposed to describe how my character views the world. It’s a visual representation of them noticing.

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