G.T. About Me – 10/12

My name is G.T. short for Granette Tardy. I’m a time traveling alien who was born and raised in Chicago. I was born on July 27, 2000 although this doesn’t really matter too much since I jump around in time anyways. Currently I am in the year 1965 and I’m visiting Andy Warhol’s silver factory. I have a strange obsession with him. I don’t think he’s even noticed that I’m here though. I kind of just stand in the corner and awkwardly watch everything else thats happening. I’m an observer. Thats part of the joy of being a time traveler, I get to observe anything I want at any point. Right now I’m counting the replica tomato soup cans on the wall, there are thirty of them. I’m also watching the cars pass by the window as I stand above a red velvet couch. I can hear that something is being filmed in another room. The silver tin foil on the walls reflects the light from the large window around the room. I like keeping to myself and being quiet. I’m always wearing my sunglasses too. They help to hide my facial expressions so that I don’t have to look people in the eye. That makes me uncomfortable. Although I do enjoy conversation from time to time. We are all somewhat social creatures, right?

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