Bridge 3: DAI – Group A


  • What was the story plot? (1 paragraph) – The 3 characters meet at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central. When the my meet and shake hands the trains below crash into each other and the building begins to crumble. This is because Grand Central is a Ley Line hub in their story.
  • Who were the Characters? – Lucian, Anfin, Kiriam
  • Using your senses – what did you notice? (at least 4 noticings) – The small strips of paper of the banister were scented to represent the different characters. The jars that they placed on the ground were filled with different items, representing the characters. Depending on where you were on the stairs you could see different objects in the jars. The installation took up a very small space.
  • How was Grand Central introduced into the piece? – Grand Central was introduced into this piece by having all of the characters meet there and it’s where all of the action happens.
  • What Character Artifacts were present? – There were jars filled with each charters artifacts.
    • What did you notice about them? – One was filled with origami cranes, another with marbles, another with batteries. All of the jars were bound together by a single strand of thread.
  • What cultural or character perspectives were represented? – Each chapter had objects in the jars that represented different aspects of themselves.
    • How? – Through the objects in the jars and the scents.
  • What was the space used for the installation? – This group used a space on the landing of a stairwell.
    • How did the team utilize the space? – I thought this was an interesting choice because you could view different artifacts depending on where you were on the stairs.


  • What relationship did you Notice between the elements and principles of design? – This team didn’t have very much interaction with the space but it works well for what it is.


  • What does the work express? How does it do that? – It expresses what is important to each character through the objects in the jars.
  • What connections do you make (to life, art, learning)? – I really like the jars because I’m a sentimental person and its representative of that sentiment.
  • What questions do you have for the Artists? – Did you choose this space because of how you would have to move around the jars?

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