Bridge 3: Installation PPJ – Reflection

1. How did your group choose the installation location? Why? – We needed an open space that people could walk through and form a aline in.
2. How did your group choose the mediums used? Why? – Well we each had our own specific chapter artifacts, we also had the sound recording, but here weren’t any other mediums used.
3. How did you choose your artifact? – I wanted it to represent how quirky my character is. So I choose a fabric with an interesting print and used a pattern from the 60s.
4. Describe the artifact and how you “constructed” it? (“constructed” is in quotes since there were so many variations of this across the works.) – I constructed a shirt. I sewed it together using a sewing machine.
5. What did your artifact say about your character? (This may include symbols, metaphore, attributes or other connections.) – Again, I wanted to represent how quirky my character is and using the 60s pattern is a nod to time traveling.
6. How did you feel (felt sense & emotional narrative) about constructing this project – and all of the pieces? – I liked constructing this project, I’ve missed sewing so it was nice to do that again.
7. Location – Fourth Floor landing.
8. Reference material – Grand Central sound recording, 60s pattern.
9. Narrative – People stand in line impatiently for water, this is representative of Shake Shack in Grand Central, where all of our characters meet.
10. Character perspectives – G.T. and Nitaya each had clothing pieces representing them and Violet and photos.
11. Use of site specific space – Shack Shack was used because that’s where our characters meet.
12. The temporality of the piece – Meant to be interactive, the short experience is supposed to make you feel a little annoyed.
13. Choosing the pathway, or directing traffic and user experience – Dayton told each person how to interact with the space.
14. Documenting the work – Dayton took pictures of the installation. I have some images from Grand Central
15. Making creative decisions within a team – I felt like I was the only on making decisions in the beginning bu that changed in the end.
16. How did you choose your questions for the audience/ viewers? – Wanted more info about how they felt being told how to interact with the piece.
17. What changes would you make to the work if you have to do another iteration (and money, length of installation, and time was no object)? – I would actually set up some type of bar to stand behind. I would also give people cue cards instead of just telling them what to do.
18. If there was something that you could have shared with your viewers to bring additional context or understanding, what would it be? And how would you implement it? – I think that the scent of shake shack really would’ve topped it off. Pump the scent of grease through the air vents.

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