Reimagining Times Square


At first glance the space in this piece doesn’t seem very deep but then you realize that the red smoke from the cigarette is coming towards you which adds pictorial space. Most of the objects are also outlined, this inspired the outlines in my own piece.

The is almost no pictorial space in this piece, nothing has shadows in order to give it dimension and the colors themselves seem very flat.

Times Square Photos

These photos interest me because of their view of the subject matter. I especially like the low angle pictures.

Perspective Sketches


Perspective Analysis 

The first image is 1-point perspective, the second is 2 -point and the third is 3-point.


This is the only concept that I sketched out for this project. But my concepts were Times Square as Venice, Times Square on Mars, and Times Square if it were run by Lizard People. I ended up going with Times Square as Venice.

Line Drawing


My idea for color with this was to make it seem as realistic as possible. I think this is achieved fairly well. The black outlines around everything make it seem less real but I like the cartoon aspect that it gives it.


My goals in this final piece were to incorporate the photo montage technique into the piece. I think I did an okay job of this, if I could add something else I would make the water textured as well.

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