Bridge 4 – Process Documentation, The 60’s & LGBT+ Rights – Dec 14, 2018


My inspiration for this piece(s) was to create something representative of the Stonewall Riots and it’s impact on today. I wanted to have multiple pieces because I wanted it to mimic the layout of MCNY. For the multimedia piece I wanted you to have to be close to it to read all of the little picket signs and to notice all of the details. From afar I wanted it to see like this very happy thing and then when you start reading and noticing all the small details you’d realize the larger impact of it.

Research Thesis

Greenwich Village is the epicenter of the modern LGBT+ rights movement and the change/movement all began with the Stonewall Riots in 1969.

Primary Source Reflection 

With this reflection I wanted to communicate how the cops were being violent towards someone who doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment. I drew the cops red so that they would have a kind of angry presence and the drag queen I drew pink to show this innocence.

Site Visit

When walking through this part of Greenwich village there is a very strong sense of LGBT+ pride and awareness. As I walked past Stonewall and the states I felt reflective and appreciative. It’s a strange sense of pride.

Psychogeographic Map

Making Process Photos

For the multimedia piece (which I don’t have process photos of) I collected images of picket signs for the stonewall riots and from Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade 1970. I wanted to layer them all together to make something visually interesting that also made a statement.

I choose white for the t-shirt because of the Gay Liberation Memorial across the street from Stonewall, which are painted white.

Final Project Photos

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