Love Your Garbage


Monday was boring, and my trash reflects that. Lots of snacking and a trip to the UC for lunch, stopped by Trader Joes to pick up stuff for dinner.


This is definitely the most interesting day as far as trash goes. There are pieces of a corset that I was altering next to hardware that I bought for a class project. I also went to mood this day to pick up fabric. All of these items are very easy to recycle.


This day is also semi-interesting. I got into drag this day which is what the 3 makeup wipes are. I also indulged my sweet tooth a bit and got milk bar for dessert that night.

Art Piece

I wanted to crate something similar to the images documenting my trash. I also wanted it to be vertical instead of horizontal so I taped everything to the wall for easy cleanup. I think that my trash says a few different things about me. First off, you can tell I like sweets/snack food. Second, by looking at it you get the impression that I’m at least somewhat creative.

Final Thoughts

During the process of this project I became very aware of the waste that I was producing. To try and counteract the waste I ate off of washable plates and cutlery, I drank out of a reusable water bottle, and I took my own bags when I went shopping. I also thought that I would produce much more waste than this, even though this isn’t technically all of it because I threw food scraps away, I was still surprised.

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