Becoming Nonhuman/Designing Nonhuman

Sherlock and Holmes

My design proposal is a series of catwalks and platforms for the two cats that live in my boyfriends apartment. Over time I’ve noticed some of their habits and took these into account when designing a space for them. Sherlock weighs 25 lbs. so I wanted to keep everything for him low to the ground so he could access it. There are basically only three actions this cat makes; sleeping, eating, and using the litter box. The only thing Sherlock gets excited about is food. Holmes on the other hand is much lighter and more active. He loves to be high up above everyone else, he also enjoys laying in patches of sunlight. For him I wanted to create something that would allow him to look over everyone more comfortably. 

What does it mean to design for the nonhuman? 

Designing for the nonhuman means taking into account the needs and wants of an animal that can’t communicate these things to you. For this project I wanted to design something that would be beneficial and improve the quality of life for the cats while not interfering with what’s in place for the human to live.

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