Final Paper Proposal – History of Fashion

Final Paper Proposal

Image 1

Wrangler Jeans Ad, Playboy Magazine, September 1965

            I think that this image is meaningful because its displaying jeans as something to be desired. By advertising in Playboy they are associating men with something that they desire and by wearing Wrangler jeans you would attract the same thing.  Its very playful, the way the man is looking over his shoulder to look for the “W’ placed on the back pocket of the jeans. Another way its playful is that every word the starts withRthey place a Win front of, it really pushes home the branding of Wrangler.The ad also depicts a time where it is acceptable to wear jeans dressed up with a suit jacket and a button up shirt.

This is relevant and important to my work aesthetic because I want to have the same light playful feeling. I want to work towards incorporating it in a more modern way. In the sense of my own personal style, I wear denim with just about everything, as I feel a majority of people do.

Image 2

Tammie Miller (my mother), Summer 1987, Senior Photo

            There are many reasons why I love this image. For starters the corny 80’s backdrop is amazing. Its bright, colorful and fun. The way she is posed feels cool and confident but the smile feels a little forced. When asking my mom about this photo she told me that, “popped collars were a thing, lots of gold jewelry was a thing too.”

I think this is incredibly relevant to my personal style as a I feel like I look very much like my mother and often wish I had her wardrobe from this time period.  With my design I want the person I design for to have the same cool ease and confidence.

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