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“Fashion is intensely personal, in the same way that poetry. It is a medium through which personal stories can be told, memories re-lived and fortunes foretold.”

Fashion is individual, or more so, we adapt fashion to ourselves and make it individual. Our personal style is representative of how we want to present ourselves to others perceptions about ourselves. Memories are made and associated with clothes, this is why we have clothes in museums. Clothes are an entry point into the time and place that they are from. They are representative of people and cultures.

“Fashion is not necessarily spectacular (though it often confirms to the theory of the society of the spectacle), it can also be demotic, ordinary, mundane, routine and humble. It is the stuff of the ethnographer and the anthropologist.”

Typically when I think of fashion I think of it as an art form. Fashion can be so much more than mundane but reading this aphorism made me think about how fashion is meant to be used. We all wear clothing, we’ve deemed it essential to dress our bodies. It’s important to think about how we use our clothing and what our clothing can do for us. It goes beyond ornamentation and can hold more utilitarian purposes, such as aprons or overalls. How do farmers use their clothes, or jockeys? What is important to think about when creating clothes for specific use or purpose? It varies case by case and clothes can transcend their mundane quality and be made of more use for their wearer with this little thought.

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