Walking Through Life

Lugging two boxes filled with nearly twenty pairs of shoes into a compact dorm room was something I insisted on happening. I have always been a “shoe person” throughout my life. They represent not only one’s style, but who one is as a person. For example, my rugged, spray painted converse represent my time growing up in musical theater. These were the shoes I wore when playing one of my biggest roles, Ren in Footloose. My first pair of Cole Haan’s represent my first job and everything I learned there; the most important being my love for fashion and desire to work in the industry. Lastly is my most cherished pair of shoes, my first pair of ballet shoes from my performing arts high school. For the past four years I was fortunate to attend the Academy for Visual and Performing Arts in Morris County, New Jersey as a dance major. My high school molded me into who I am today, and dance taught me much more than a few barre exercises such as hard work, organization, and individuality. Although I will now be studying something quite different, I will always find myself no longer walking, but dancing through life.

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