Slice and Slide

For my project, I wanted to make a memorial that was both humorous and meaningful. Throughout my work this year, I have discovered that I have a strong sense of humor in my work. Therefore, I wanted to portray this in my final project. Since the project was to create a memorial, I wanted to find a way to still give mine a meaning that had an impact. After brainstorming and going through all of my ideas, I came up with the idea to memorialize 99-cent pizza with an outreach to help homeless people with no food.

My proposal explains how my memorial will not just be a monument, but a interactive experience as well. It would serve as a giant slide for people to ride if they pay a dollar each. This money would then be used to buy slices of pizza for the homeless, which would be served at mission homes around the city. The slide would be set in Times Square because it has the largest flow of people daily. Tourists would also be most inclined to pay to ride, and Times Square has the largest amount of these people. Lastly, I found through research that Midtown has the most 99-cent pizza places in New York.


I decided to make my model out of wood since it was a material I have been wanting to experiment with. Although having no woodworking experience, My father and brother have always been very strong in the craft. I bought a long piece of wood, then cut and stacked the pieces into a cube. I then sanded it down until it was a thin slice and painted it to look like a slice of pizza. I then created a sticker of a person sliding down that I stuck onto the model.


Overall, I was very satisfied with my project. It was one I had an amazing time working on and was happy to further strengthen a new craft that I am not very experienced in. I feel as if my memorial would have a very strong impact in real life; It is something that is both fun and thought provoking.


Creative Writing:

Slice and Slide

My eyes widen at the sight

I’m eager to have it in me

The warmth in my mouth travels through my body

The scent gives me a high like no other

It melts in my mouth and drips down my face

I lick it up and make sure nothing is left behind

The sensation is almost too much to bear

This pleasure is something that will never grow old

With every single bite I take,

I am reminded of how much I love pizza

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