Personal Collage

Growing up in New Jersey forty minutes outside of Manhattan, I came here at

least once a month. When I was younger I would beg my parents to take me into the

city; It was where I would have every birthday no matter the weather. As I grew older, I

started coming both alone and with friends. It was then that I discovered downtown. My

favorite neighborhood since venturing out on my own has been Chinatown. A place full

of culture and new experiences, my friends and I always loved coming here. My favorite

spot has always been Doyers Street. Famous for its history as one of the deadliest streets

in American history, it is both an interesting and eery place to be. I picked this street as

my location because of it being one of my favorite spots in my favorite city. I also chose

it because of its shape, which is an obtuse angle, making it a perfect spot for a two point


The three things that I chose to represent me are my dog-tag, a tiger, and blood.

My dog-tag is something very special to me. Although there is no engraving or initial

sentimental meaning to it, it has turned into something very sentimental to me. It is

something that i never take off and will always wear. I thought that it would be ironic to

use a picture of me from the one time that I ever took off my dog-tag, and instead place

it in my hands. This brings the dog-tag to live and makes it more of an object rather than

a simple necklace. I then chose a tiger for two main reasons. For as long as I remember,

tigers have always been my favorite animals. I have also felt as if they have always been

my spirit animal. To help support my belief, I was born in the year of the tiger and have

always worn that proudly. Lastly, i chose blood because of its several meanings to me. I

have a disease called Hemochromatosis, which is where I have an excess amount of iron

in my blood. This makes the blood poison and deadly if left for too long. I must routinely

get blood drainings to keep my iron levels safe. This is a huge part of my life and

something I must live with. I also see blood as a form of hard-work. Growing up

performing and going to high school as a dance major, I always had bleeding feet.

Although painful, it showed me that I was working hard and not playing safe.

I decided to make the borders of my picture yellow because of the color’s impact

on me. Yellow is one of my favorite colors and is both a happy and creative color. With

everything inside of my picture being deep and serious, I wanted to surround this with

something I see as fun. This shows how no matter how serious life can get, we always

need to have room for play.

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