Beauty Collection

For my beauty container, I wanted to create a piece that focused on showing the beauty in everyday items that we take for granted. I wanted my project to come across both light-hearted and fun. I did not want to make a piece super conceptual since I feel that would not relate to most of our everyday lives. Instead, I wanted the viewer to understand right away what the piece was about.

My piece starts with a coffee cup. Once you take off the lid and pour the cup as if somebody was drinking from it, all of my items pour out on a string in order of morning to night. My items are a coffee cup, my bedroom view, toothpaste, my shoes, a drivers license, earbuds, technology, a pencil, water bottles, and a used ramen package.

My piece shows that as a designer, I like to have fun with my work and do things that are to the point. I like to show senses of humor in my work since a lot of art work in todays age is not very humorous. Within my piece, my favorite object would have to be the drivers license. This is because of its strong sentimental value to me being my mothers first drivers license from when she was seventeen years old. Not only do I find my mother beautiful, but I find beauty in growth and maturing. I believe that the drivers license was also the most surprising item that caught the viewers eye first. I had the license on a glittery pink background, which caught the viewers attention. It then captivated the viewer because this was an object that belonged to somebody. Looking at it, you want to learn more about the person and who this license belongs to.


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