Time: Sculpture

After my cousin had passed away, a medium told us that he said, “Every time you see a feather, it is me”. I wanted to create a piece that strongly incorporated this while sticking to my themes of loss and death.

For my piece, I created a veil made out of muslin and feathers. I wanted to break the status of veils being very elegant, and fragile pieces. Instead, I created a veil that was rather hard and almost scary looking. This was to represent that death is something we do not know how to deal with. It is something extremely scary and difficult to deal with.

I used muslin rather then a sheer fabric because when putting this veil over your head, everything is black. When initially learning about my cousins death, I felt as if time had froze. When wearing this veil, you become isolated from the outside world. Time has frozen, and you are left alone with just your thoughts.

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