Research Topic

For my research paper, I will be exploring internal and external femmephobia within the gay community. Growing up, I had a challenging time accepting who I was. I saw how my attitude about who I was effect both me and the people around me. Growing throughout the years, I have learned to accept who I am. I want to explore where these ideas stem from and why certain men may feel this way still. I also want to explore masculinity within the gay culture and see how the ideal standards affect people’s opinions about both themselves and others. I want to come up with a way to help the community become a more open and accepting place. Being a menswear designer, I want to be able to make clothes that can be worn by all kinds of men. I think it is important to explore the idea of masculinity being fragile while coming up with a way to fix this.

-Does a mans childhood effect his opinion on gay culture?

-Can internal femmephobia lead to terrorism against the community?

-Why do people within the community not accept all kinds of men? 

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