American Bronco: Collection Illustrations and Custom Print

My collection focused on taking traditional menswear and reinventing into something suitable for men who do not conform to societies definition of masculinity.When picking out colors and fabrics, I researched colors, prints, and textiles typically found within menswear. Taking these preconceived things and transforming them into something fresh would show how menswear can be more than what it is today. When thinking about masculinity, my mind immediately gravitated towards vintage America. I found inspiration from Southwestern culture; Cowboys hold a heavy influence in my designs.









For my custom print, I want to continue with the theme of reinventing traditional menswear, while continuing with my inspiration of vintage America. I decided to take the most common menswear print, plaid, and reinvent it into something more edgy and fresh. I decided to go along with the all-American colors, red, white, and blue.

For my research paper, I am discussing Femmephobia within the gay community. I discuss the history of masculinity, and how advertising and marketing effects our perceptions of the ideal male figure. I try to find a solution to our harsh ideals of masculinity, and discuss ways to push forward.  Edwards recites in his book, “To put it personally, I recall strongly how my father felt undressed without a tie, his distress at odd cuts of suits, and his horror of pastel colours…” This collection is one example of how we can move forward. Changing and expanding mens fashion will shine more light on a more flamboyant side of men. “…the relationship of fashion to postmodernity and consumer society is a central one that forms the ultimate focus…”.

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