American Bronco: Studio 2 Final

For my final project, I explored deeper into masculinity’s effect on femmephobia within the gay community. In today’s climate, men who do not conform to societies definition of masculinity are typically looked down upon. There is a clear divide among men, regardless of all being apart of the same community.

For my garment, I was inspired by vintage Americana, specifically cowboys and the west.  I wanted to take typical colors, prints, and fabrics used within menswear, and create something you typically could not buy within popular menswear. I decided to create a pair of orange, leather chaps and a red, white, and blue bandana with a reinvented plaid print I designed. I then paired the look white white high top sneakers, as well as occasional white underwear.

I decided to use several models for my project, all who had different backgrounds, shapes, and ages. To tie in my research involving current climates in the gay community revolving around hookup apps, I downloaded the most, Grindr, onto my phone. I then found my models through the app. These are all people who have their own insecurities and opinions about the community they are in.




My research paper had a heavy influence on my final piece, and really was the driving force of my project. Everything from colors, style, models, etc. came from the research that I had conducted. Without this, I feel as if my project would not be at the place it is right now.

This is a topic that sits very close to home with me. Growing up, I had a challenging time accepting who I was; looking back, I saw how my attitude towards my sexual orientation, interests, and characteristics affected both me and the people around me. This project helped me explore more into why this happens to some men, and how we can stop it. One of my biggest take aways from this project was learning how much picking a topic and researching it can influence a garment. 

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