Christopher Breward’s Aphorisms

“Fashion is intensely personal, in the same way that poetry is personal. It is a medium through which personal stories can be told, memories re-lived and futures foretold.”

This aphorism is explaining how fashion is a form of storytelling and expressing ones feelings. Just like poetry and written word, we can express and explain messages through fashion. Looking at fashion as clothing, every piece has a story and meaning to it. Certain stains or scratches on older clothing can be displays of an event or moment in time, a reminder of a certain memory that had some impact on your life. A new garment you purchase for a new job or social outing can be something that shows what is destined for your future, and what you hope for it to be. Clothing can express many different emotions and attitudes, and each piece will have a different meaning to each person. With all of this, I find this aphorism to be completely true. In many cases, someones fashion can be stronger than their word in expressing stories and emotions. Even in the case of trends, where someone might be wearing something simply because it is what everyone else is doing, I believe that can tell a lot about a person, and is an opportunity to dive deeper into why they feel the need to fit in. Just like some say everything happens for a reason, all clothing choices happen for a reason. 

“Fashion is not necessarily spectacular (though it often conforms to the theory of the society of the spectacle), it can also be demotic, ordinary, mundane, routine and humble. It is the stuff of the ethnographer and the anthropologist.”

This aphorism is explaining how fashion is not only what the majority seems it to be. It expands what one may consider fashion to all clothing and outfits throughout the world. Not only are we studying and paying attention to what fashion houses are showing on the runway, but we are studying day to day people and their clothing choices and habits. It is explaining how fashion is connected to all people, not just celebrities and supermodels. I agree that fashion is much larger than one may think, and that it is something everybody partakes in. However, I do not believe that fashion can be ordinary or mundane. Even something simple as a white tee or jeans can have such a larger meaning behind it, or have details within it that make it so much more than what it may seem (stitching, fabric, trims, etc). 

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