Intersectionality Map


In Chapter Two, Kaiser states how Danish philosopher Ossi Naukkarinen refers to appearance as, “the aesthetics of the unavoidable.” I believe our subject positions of our interpersonality map represent exactly this. We can not change who we are, where we are from, our traditions we grew up with. These are things that will always be reflected in us, no matter how much you want it or do not want it to. 




My whole life I was raised to always wear a cross around my neck. Religion was always very important growing up: Church twice a week, going to Sunday school, even going to catholic school for a period of time. I found it frustrating growing up, but respect and appreciate how it was drilled into me at a younger age. I wear one of my crosses everyday still as comfort and protection, and even keep one above my bedroom door, something I always had as a kid. 




My family has never left New Jersey. When my great grandparents left Reggio di Calabria, Italy, they moved to Newark, New Jersey. Ever since, my family has resided in the state, with me being the first to move away. Where I grew up was mostly Italian-Americans, and everyone fit that common Jersey stereotype somehow. At Sunday dinners, everyone would always have some form of leopard print, as well as gaudy jewelry and accessories. My friends and I would go to the tanning salon and gym everyday after school, and spend our weekends at the mall or beach. Chains were also a big thing. Every guy always had some sort of chains around their neck; I was given my first chain at my baptism before I even turned 1. Having spent so much time here and having a great appreciation/humor for it, I find this to carry over the most in not only my personal style, but my work as a fashion designer as well. 




I remember my father always wear Calvin Klein jeans when I was very young. He would even wear the full Canadian tux. My mother had the jeans as well, and they used to take me on walks in their matching pairs. I have always had a fascination with denim clothing, and feel comforted when wearing jeans. They remind me of friends, family and love. They bring me to that perfect autumn day. 




All of my friends make fun of me, calling me names like Gucci Griff or Gucci God. I have spent a year and a half working for Gucci as a stylist, and have definitely put my extremely generous employee discount to work. Being a stylist there, I have the different Gucci Ways-to-Wear engraved in my head, and find myself applying these types of styles to not just my Gucci clothing, but all of my clothes. 




It is pretty much impossible to remember a time that I was not in school. I have always had a strong desire for being comfortable. Being in a classroom all day and paying attention was always hard for me growing up. The last thing I needed was to be distracted my something I was wearing restricting my comfort. I definitely make comfort my number one priority when it comes to dressing. 




My age dictates boundaries within other subject positions. Looking back, you can see how age influences your style of dress. Age is something that is forever evolving, cause your style and wardrobe to change throughout the years as well. Being apart of Gen Z, I feel as if our cellphones play a part in our style, and are almost seen as an accessory. I personally like to always get a clear phone case, I can put different things inside to decorate it.


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