LP Post #3: Advertisement Response

Yeezy has always had a very minimalist aesthetic. In his season 6 campaign, which featured celebrities dubbed as Kim Kardashian “clones”, he took the meaning of minimalism more literally with one of the shots. In this advertisement, the Clermont Twins, models/social figues/reality stars, are featured walking simultaneously while on the phone. The twins are clothed in nothing but Yeezy shoes. The advertisement holds some element of shock, as the twins are nude. However, it seems fitting and is done tastefully. It is also not the first time the brand has done something like this, as well as not the first time we have seen the twins nude, so some would say it is nothing out of the ordinary. Having them in no other clothing makes the shoes the main point; They are the first thing you see. The twins simultaneously stepping out with their feet front draw your attention down their bodies to the shoes; It is a natural, visual flow. The twins are walking in an empty parking lot at the darkest point of night, creating a great contrast with the white python shoes, causing them to stand out. The twins hair color matches the shoes, causing a sort of symmetry between the top and bottom half of the photo, as well as if you cut it side by side with the twins being identical. It is a very symmetric, well-worked out photograph. However, the slight elements of asymmetry (Twins face expressions, parking lot, etc.) make the photograph seem much more candid and natural. We are typically most comfortable in the nude. You have no distractions to your body at all. However, there is a difference in being alone in your bedroom or shower nude versus in a public parking lot. The twins strutting in the nude openly show great confidence in them. This may cause one to wonder if these shoes will also provide them a sense of confidence and power, just like the twins.

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