LP Post #5

Fashion is something that makes somebody appear to be special, elite, and/or popular. Regardless of someone’s real self, background, history, or record, being in their sense of fashion will act as a sort of shield from their insecurities and issues. They will be viewed as a force to be reckoned with when in a certain fashion. Examples of figures in fashion would be Shannon and Shannade Clermont. Through creating an image of themselves with the help of clothing, cosmetic makeup and procedures, and attitude, they have become a powerhouse duo that has been labeled as two of the best figures in pop culture by many. The twins have also helped form a new wave of fashion girls, and further prove how “Fashion is more than a white,bourgeois (upper middle class), heterosexual female affair” (Kaiser 34). They have pushed boundaries, especially those that are provocative, to show that fashion is not so cookie cutter, and what it was once thought of. Fashion can be whatever one feels like doing, and is different for every individual.

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