Bridge Project: Installation








The goal for this project was to have the viewer experience what we felt when we had our eyes closed for twenty minutes. We thought this would be best accomplished by an installation. First we made a tunnel using desks that extended from one end of the classroom to the others diagonally. Next we blackened the tunnel by using garbage bags, covering any cracks where light could come in. Then we hung lights in the beginning to represent the very little light that was exposed to us while our eyes were closed. Over these lights we put half of a garbage back to dim them. Then we sectioned off the lights with another garbage bag so the person experiencing the installation would lose perception of where they were/how long the tunnel was, just like how our perception of how close things were to us was off. After the bag, there were black feathered boas to present the birds that flew at us while we were sitting in the park. We put them there to instill a bit of fear in the person experiencing it just like there was fear in us. Lastly, we paired this with an audio track that we tried to make overwhelming. We made it get progressively louder and busier–just like how the longer your eyes are closed, the more you hear EVERY sound. The audio was the only thing you could hear while you were crawling through.


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