Bridge Project 3–Audio Documentary


I chose this audio file because it’s an eerie file and it reminds me of being a kid (because halloween was my favorite holiday and I remember the most from that time of the year) .

I liked the style of this one because they interviewed people (present) and made them look back on the past and tell their stories like that.

Proposal: We’re going to narrate a story where the three of us tell a story from our childhood growing up. For example, Paul could start with a story from when he’s 5, then I could tell a story from when I was 10, then Meltem could tell a story from when she was 13. Even though it’s three separate lives, we mesh them together to create the illusion of one life. All of these stories will relate to the color black.






Updated Proposal: We will be each telling separate stories from the same night, but it will seem like one. We will take turns talking, back and forth. Our timeline illustrates our ideas.

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