Character: Yori










Yori is old, wise and full of life, although he is a corpse. He gets his wisdom from not only his age (7 centuries worth of age), but from his practice of yoga. Yori is colorblind, so he only ever wears red, white and black to avoid mix ups, but unfortunately he got mixed up once buying socks. Yori is a creature not visible to animals, or people in the Northern Hemisphere. If you are someone from the NH, if you transition to the Southern Hemisphere, then you gain or regain your ability to see him. There is only one Yori, but when you are born, he attaches himself to you. If you are in the NH when you are born, you will not know he’s there until you enter the SH, if you ever do. But there will be strange occurrences in your life until then. This is Yori trying to communicate with you. When you die, Yori transfers to another newborn. Your afterlife depends greatly on whether or not you have experienced Yori or how you experienced him. If you have completely failed. You start again, but you do not get another chance with him and you remember nothing except a strange urge.

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