The First Complainer

Thousands and thousands of years ago, when God decided to make mankind, he picked the bottom of a big mountain to put a couple people. They would be those who began the human race. There he gave them everything they needed, food, water, and wood for shelter and fire. He told them that He had given them everything they needed to live, but should they need Him, all they had to do was walk up the mountain and talk to him at the very top, but to be careful because there were no resources at the top for them to survive on.

The people all went about their lives, surviving off of what they were given. They were all happy, except one. Everyday one man would walk up the mountain very early in the morning to complain all day to God. All of his problems, even the small ones, he shouted to the Heavens.

For the entirety of his life, the man complained. Only focused on himself, he never had a family.

At the end of his life, he sat upon the mountain and asked God why he was never given a family. He asked God why he was at the end of his lifetime. He never stopped complaining until he breathed his very last breathe.

Expecting to go to Heaven, the man was shocked to find himself still sitting atop the same mountain that he had gone to everyday of his life, except he was much bigger and couldn’t get up. He tried to speak but he no longer had a mouth.

God came to him and told him, “You spent your whole life complaining to me and never once thought about anyone else, so now you will spend your whole afterlife listening to the problems of others.”

Today, people come from all over the world to walk up this same mountain and tell the man their problems.



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