ASSIGNEMT #9 – Foam board 3D Structure

ASSIGNEMT #9 – Foam board 3D Structure

For assignment #9 we were asked to create a 3D structure out of form board.

First I researched 3D structures and art forms that use the concepts of serial planes and similar construction. For my research I looked at artists who made installation pieces and some forms of architecture.

I was particularly interested by the work of Charles Ginnever who created many installations that were placed outside in nature. Most of his work was made out of metal and was able to use the natural lighting to create interesting shadows on itself and the ground around it.

Another thing that I looked at was the use of serial planes and similar construction in architecture. One way that I saw similar planes used often in buildings was within the separation of the different floors or within windows and balconies. One image that I especially liked was when an architect used similar planes as a divider wall within a building. This shape created an interesting shadow but also made the wall partially an obscured window.

Then I created 10 3D paper sketch models with printer paper and a stapler to generate some design ideas.

Finally, using foam core and an Olfa knife, I created a 3D sculpture. For my sculpture I wanted to channel architectural style and patterning within the structure.


Overall, I enjoyed this assignment. I liked that I was able to do some research for inspiration before along with some quick mockups. It helped me to understand how different planar materials could be connected and to think about the composition of them in space. Especially, when you consider how the solid material will interact with light to create shadows in the space. If I were to do the assignment again I would make sure that my Olfa knife was sharper. The blade I had was too dull and this caused it to be difficult to cut clean, straight lines. This meant that many of the edges were quite rough. I would also try and sand any rough edges in the future so the piece was cleaner.

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