For this assignment we were asked to create an orthographic projection of a household object. For mine I chose a bobby-pin holder.

First, I took pictures of the object from multiple sides and printed them to layout the dimensions and plan for my orthographic drawing.

3D Orthographic Plan with Photos

After this, I created my final orthographic drawing on tracing paper.

Final Orthographic Projection


This assignment gave me a better understanding of how to draw orthographic projections in order to do technical drawings. This was useful because it will help me in the future to plan out a 3D project to ensure that it is more accurate and clean. As well, it will allow me to be able to present my work to others more clearly and even possibly give others instructions on how to make or assemble parts of it. Overall, I didn’t find this assignment too difficult. The one challenge was planning how to draw the object because it was both curved and transparent so I needed to figure out how to portray these in the drawing.

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