ASSIGNMENT #12 – 3D pattern/ textured CUBES

ASSIGNMENT #12 – 3D pattern/ textured CUBES

For Assignment #12 we were asked to make 3 3D cubes of varied sizes that had different 3D patterns on each side.

For my cubes I used both chipboard and foam core along with staples and pins as the mechanical connectors to attach the pieces. I initially made 1 cube that only had 3D pieces attached to it tp create patterning and texture. The next one (foam core) I only carved out sections to create texture. Finally, the last cube I made combined both techniques.

Overall, I enjoyed this assignment. It was fun to come up with different pattern ideas for all the sides and to figure out how the different materials would work best to create textures and patterns. If I were to do it again, I think I would use normal cardboard over these two materials because I found that the chipboard was too thin and the foam-core too thin and flimsy once cut into.

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