ASSIGNMENT #14 – Light, Design & Art

ASSIGNMENT #14 – Light, Design & Art

1.  Rogier van der Heide: Why light needs darkness

In his ted talk Rogier discussed many different ways that light is utilized. However, he focused mainly on the relationship between light and dark and how this affects design. I think it’s incredibly important to consider this relationship when designing because of the affect light has on the human body and Earth. Most lighting used in buildings creates boring and stark environments that make the workplace an unwelcome setting. On top of this, when lighting is made it is often not considered how it will add to the increasing light pollution in the world or how it will affect the human body (specifically the circadian rhythm). As a population, we need lighting in our buildings to see and complete work, however a lot of the lighting that currently exists could be designed more strategically to minimize electricity use, create more welcome environments, and allow for positive health benefits rather then negative ones. Rogier’s discussion of the way man made lighting has affected the earth and it’s natural light forms and darkness does a good job of touching on the topic of how our lighting affects our lives and our surroundings.

2.  Introduction to James Turrell

James Turrell is one of the first people involved in the light movement in modern art. I found it particularly interesting how he moved away from how others were using light (within objects) to come up with his own method of using light as the material itself. Light is inherent in how we view everything in our lives. Different lighting changes how we perceive our surrounding or even our own mood. In the same way the light changes the setting and mood within a painting, it changes the same aspects of a space. By using light itself as a material he is able to play with the way lighting affects our perception and perspective on an object or space. Not only can you create interesting shadows and patterns through light, but you can also transform the look of an interior space by the light you put in it.

3.  My life as an outsider | Hussein Chalayan

In this Ted Talk Hussein gives an interesting insight into the way different forms of visual expression can be used to show emotion. Hussein made work in many different forms of media, spanning fashion, sculpture and video to portray his thoughts and feelings about life and his childhood. In many ways his work is effective because he doesn’t stick to one particular style or material. Instead, he decides on a material based on what medium will be the most effective way to portray his thoughts, emotions and the story he wishes to tell. One of the ways he did this that was inspiring was his final fashion collection where he worked with engineers so that the clothing moved and transformed. This allowed the clothing to physically show the transformation between eras he wanted to portray in his work. I have never seen this technique used before in fashion and I think it created an extra element of surprise and expression that set the work apart form many other fashion pieces and shows.

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