The History of a Thing

The History of a Thing

For Assignment #2 we were partnered with someone in our class and asked to do an illustration about an object that was important to them. They told the story of this object, why it was important, how they obtained it etc.

For my illustration I drew the story of a necklace who had been given to my partner by her boyfriend when she came to the United States to study. This necklace held sentimental value because it reminded her of her boyfriend and the love they shared.

Below are some quick sketches as I began to develop concepts for how I would portray Skye’s story.

I decided to portray this by having two images to show the giving of the necklace and the wearing of it. In the first image we see the necklace being held out as a gift whilst Skye, the recipient, views it with happiness surrounded by a heart. In the second image I portrayed Skye wearing the necklace and how this allowed her to think about and feel connected to her boyfriend.

Final Piece:

Completed Illustration

Overall, this assignment was useful because it challenged you to think of creative ways to simplify a complex story into two frames. Even if there were many aspects of the story, it was important to focus on the main plot points to be able to come up with an effective way to present it visually so that the viewer could understand it. Along with this, whilst ensuring the viewer understood the story, you also wanted to make them feel some sort of emotion or connection to the piece and the story behind the objects sentimentality. I enjoyed this process and being able to experiment with watercolour techniques that I enjoy.

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