ASSIGNMENT #16 – Mass & Modularity

ASSIGNMENT #16 – Mass & Modularity

For this assignment we were asked to make a cube or other shape out of modular masses. I decided to use laminated cardboard to do this as I was interested in seeing how in could transform the planar material into a mass.

For my design I was inspired by my research for my Lighting Installation Project about glaciers and mountains. I decided to create a line through the centre that resembles abstract water or mountains traveling through the other two masses.

To build this I sketched out a design for my mass shape and then traced it into a piece of tracing paper. I then traced the pattern onto approx. 15 pieces of cardboard cut out to be 5×5″. I then cut out each cardboard sheet into the design using an Olfa Knife and laminated them together using hot glue. After this I decided to differentiate the pieces by covering them in paper and colouring the paper contrasting colours with marker.

This is the finished product:

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Overall I enjoyed working on this project and coming up with an interesting way to connect the pieces of mass together. If I were to do it again I would experiment with other materials so that I could get a better sense of what materials are the most effective, create the most contrast and are easiest to work with. I found that the cardboard was difficult to work with because of the more complex shape I decided to make. I think a planar material like this would be easier to form into a simple geometric shaped mass over a natural complex shape. Clay might have been an easier option to form the curves in my piece.

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