For assignment #3 we were asked to choose 3 objects of the same category from the MET. After this we were to find 3 objects from the same category from modern day and make a piece portraying all 6 objects.

I decided to make a piece showing different pendants. I own a bunch of different pendants so I thought it would be interesting to compare them to ones I could find in the museum. I found that the oldest pendant was quite simple, then over time they became a little more complex. However, the most modern pendants have reverted back to a more simplistic style like the older one.

In my piece I wanted to compare the physical pendants themselves to show their evolution in design over time. I also decided to portray them on a person because I wanted to show a pendants connection to human expression. When I think of pendants and necklaces I immediately think of the person wearing them and why they may like that particular design. After completing the drawing of the pendants being worn I decided to also include detailed images of all the pendants separately so the viewer would also see a better image of them to compare their design.

The piece is mixed media. Using ink pen, watercolour and pencil crayons.

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