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Journal Exercise 1

I decided to look at the problem of Mass Incarceration in the USA through systems thinking. First I wrote down as many causes and effects of the problem I could think of onto separate pieces of paper. I ended up coming up with 18 different variables.

After this, I looked at all the papers and started to group them into categories I felt were related. I did this a few different times. The main two groups I found were causes directly related to the issue and more broad societal causes/issues that also affected the issue.

Lastly, I took these variables and tried to come up with different feedback loops that affected the problem. Whilst doing this I came up with a couple more points that I added in to complete some of the loops.

Class Activity Documentation

Audio Walk: Planning and Storyboarding

Link to AEIOU worksheet: The commentary is typed into the sheet because I took notes on my phone at the site.       AEIOU observation worksheets (1)-1nr737l

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Canal St Station Intervention Ideas:

Idea 1:

Description: Alienation in the subway often causes a hostile environment where abuse can occur. The one place that alienation is disrupted in the subway is through buskers (ie. music). My intervention on the subway trains would be to have music, comedy, storytelling and other art forms play in the subway. This would cause less people to have headphones in or be distracted by their phones and therefore be more aware of their surroundings. The art played on the existent speaker would be chosen through an online submission portal where they would be reviewed to ensure that they are appropriate for all people riding the subway regardless of age. As well, there would be a specific focus on having the subway play work of local artists and creators who otherwise don’t have the platform to spread their work. There would be no ads.

Audience: The audience for this intervention would be all subway users. This intervention would really be optional for people riding the subway because one could still tune out the sound by using headphones.


Idea 2:

Description: I have always found the platforms of a subway incredibly unsafe, especially when busy, because of the small space and little infrastructure in place to prevent falls. I would intervene by increasing the width of the platform so that there is more space to walk along, without having to walk right beside the edge. Along with this I would add platform screen doors. These are doors that open when the train arrives, so that the tunnel is separated from the platform, thus preventing falls. Another addition besides this could be a system along the walls that includes, visual and auditory signals that the train has arrived. Lights would flash along with an announcement or some sort of sound telling people it is here. This would help the accessibility for people who are blind, death or hard of hearing.

Audience: This intervention is designed to ensure the safety off all subway users. However, it would be of specific assistance to children and people with disabilities.

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