Assimilation/Cultural Appropriation Conception Sketch


The first one is a set of two cloths. The one inside is a cheongsam, which is a traditional Chinese costume. And the cloths outside is a sleeveless coat , separated into two pieces, linked by a few Chinese knots. The buttons of the cost are replaced by Chinese coins.

Every detail in this cloths is replaced by something really Chinese, but it is still a western coat. Assimilation makes two things look similar, but never the same.

In this one I still use cheogsam because it’s very iconic. outside the cheongsam is a piece of reflective material that can reflect things from the environment.

I came to this idea when I saw old Chinese people passing by. They live in New York, Speak like New Yorker, but never gonna blend in. Because they are living with the old Chinese tradition.

The reflection on the cloths means the cultural appropriation. But the reflective material won’t cover the whole body. People can see the cheongsamn through the reflective material, as they can see the Chinese tradition inside Chinatown.


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