Urban Adaption_paragraph description of garment

I came to the idea when I saw these old Chinese people passing by. They live in New York, speak English, but something inside them has never changed.

I picked the theme “assimilation/cultural appropriation”. To my perspective, assimilation means similar but never the same.

The garment has two layers. The one inside is a cheongsam, which is a traditional Chinese costume. I use red on this dress because red means a lot to Chinese people. If there is a color that can represent China, it must be red. As for the buttons, I also chose the traditional Chinese knit as the buttons. This layer means the traditional part of these old Chinese immigrants. The outside layer is made of reflective mylar. It works as a huge mirror surrounding the body. The reflection on this piece is like the appropriation of American culture to these immigrants. This piece won’t gonna cover the whole body. You can see through these reflections and see the red cheongsam.  Even though they speak like New Yorkers, live in Manhattan, the tradition of these immigrants never change.

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